The Original Sound (原音)

Director’s Cut - Documentary Commercial


Chinese multinational technology company Baidu teamed up with Linekong to develop its latest Ai smart speaker, the Xiao Qing (小青). Distinctively designed by two former Harman engineers in California, Aaron was hired to create a story that emphasized the product's craftsmanship. The video was released in conjunction with the product’s launch event.

Shot on Alexa Mini + Cooke Anamorphic Lenses


Addiction II(瘾)

Documentary Short Series


With a glimmer of hope, I reached out to Mathilde on Instagram. During our first meeting, her dedication and obsession for the art form of dance shook a part of my soul. She is "one of those" if you know what I mean. Given the context of a short piece, it took me quite a while to write up her story. The depth of her experience as a world-class ballerina is beyond words and imagery, enjoy the short.

Shot on Red Epic-W Helium + Leica Summicron C Lenses


A Little Fuel

Documentary Short


Spec commercial for Chevron.

Shot on Red Epic-W Helium + Leica Summicron C

Addiction 瘾

Documentary Short


Shot on 5D Mark II + Canon and Nikon Zoom Lenses